About Us

logoPhoebe and Friends, Inc. was started in the year 2000 with the desire to give dogs what dogs want, need, and deserve…to give dogs a place where they can be themselves…to give them a better life.  Please go to Phoebe’s Story below and read it.  If the story of your dog is similar to Phoebe’s, we know how your dog may be feeling.  Think about your dog for a moment and decide whether your dog is happy or not…is he lonely?…is she bored?…could you make your four-legged friend’s life better? Our goal is to reach as many dog lovers as we can to give them the opportunity to share in the philosophy of doggie daycare.  If you think daycare for dogs is like a child’s daycare…you are not wrong.  We love and care about dogs and we treat them as if they are our kids…we want to meet their needs so they are happier, more well-rounded, and are able to add more to your life.  At Phoebe and Friends, we are committed to giving your dog the special treatment she deserves…when you can’t.

 We love dogs!…and your dog will love Phoebe and Friends!!!

Dog Day and Night Care