Woof! Woof!

Welcome to Phoebe and Friends Dog Day and Night Care!

Boarding at Phoebe and Friends is a happy and exciting alternative for your dog. No more cages, kennels or runs! Phoebe and Friends has been serving the South Beach dog community for over 18 years and with that experience under our <ut um> collar, we know exactly how to show your fuzzy-faced friend a dog-gone good time…as a matter of fact, we guarantee it! We wish our furry friends could talk to tell you how much they really enjoy it! But you will witness it yourself when you pick your dog up and see how stress-free your four-legged friend is (and quite tired and relaxed, after calming down from the excitement of seeing you again). We offer 24-hour care in a totally cage-free environment…a relaxed, home-like intimate setting, where the dogs curl up on comfortable beds with animal-loving humans to keep them company…the next best thing to being at home with You! During the day the dogs get plenty of exercise while playing and socializing with their buddies and going out on long group walks. The walks are a great way for your dog to bond with other dogs and learn (or actually, remember) how to be part of a pack…for this is their true nature.


We all like to think that our human friends will take care of our babies while we are away…think again…no one will take care of them like You would…except for us at Phoebe and Friends! Go ahead. Try us. Give your dog a higher quality of life. Give your dog a social life…after all, they are social creatures just like us! Leave your four-legged friend with us.

Your dog will love it…and will love you even more for it! 

Dog Day and Night Care